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  • Seeing Past Your Defenses 3

    This is the third installment of seeing past your defenses which in reality should be entitled seeing past my defenses…lol. It is a very lonely and disconnected place to believe you have figured it all out and no one else seems to have a clue. I will admit I have

  • Seeing Past Your Defenses 2

    You may be wondering what the meaning of seeing past your defenses has to do with these ramblings of love about my parents. Honestly, I have always thought highly of them but now that I am getting rid of more of my layers of defenses, I am seeing them through

  • quotes-When-you-can-see-pas

    Seeing Past Your Defenses

    This is the beginning of a series of how I am getting to see the profoundly amazing people I have been blessed with. I thought it fitting that I start with my mom. I have been blessed with an unconditionally loving mother. Hearing the stories of other people, known and