• Relationship Buttons

    It seems to me that many problems if not all problems in a romantic relationship begin when one partner pushes one of our buttons. The irony is that is what romantic relationships are designed to do….the attraction is strong enough to bring two people close enough for their hot buttons

  • Is the World Logical?

    When you think about what works logically in this world and truly research how people get the results they get you will find that there is no logic in assigning any result to actions taken or not taken. There are examples of many who lived a life of struggle to

  • Living in the Moment

    What does it really mean to live in the moment, to make the most of each moment, that the moment is all we have? First let’s discuss that the moment is all you have. The past is just snippets of memory that for the most part are colored by who

  • Myths Dispelled About Romantic Love

    When we think about romantic relationships there are many myths that are propagated by friends, society, media, well meaning parents and maybe not so well meaning ones…lol… Here are just some of the myths that abound: 1. You have to work at a relationship to make it last 2. The

  • Weird Analogy But Fun

    When we think about life and all the science that is now supporting an energetic vibrational world, time and space are just a perception and that mind or consciousness is eternal and unlimited, it is logical to expand your ideas about what life is all about.  In addition, whether you

  • An Amazing Life Made Easy

    When you think about the most amazing moments of your life it really comes down to moments of sheer love. Whether it is wrapped in the arms of a lover, staring at your sleeping child (that is always a safe one … lol), petting your beloved emotional support animal, basking

  • Rampaging Appreciation

    Appreciation is an emotion that has not only been proven scientifically to improve your health, stimulate your immune system and in general wash your brain and body in great healing neurotransmitters and hormones but is also the way to improve what you create powerfully in your every experience and adds

  • The Month of June and Celebrating Your Own Magnificence

    So we are entering June, my favorite month of all … first of all because it is my birthday month and I celebrate the entire month. Actually every year it gets longer so now I start from Memorial Day weekend until July 4th and by the time I am 90

  • Relationships

    Most people think that relationships are all about how you interact with other people in your life. The people in your life including your family, friends, business associates or coworkers and every person you meet in your travels are all players in your game of life, in the drama that

  • Gathering Data

    As we live our lives we are constantly gathering data.  Data can be an experience we have or hear about from others.  We constantly create a series of desires and modifications of previous desires.  This happens whether we are conscious of doing it or not…much like gravity operates without our