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Play with Life





So many of us force ourselves to do what we think we should do. While it is true that some people doing that will finally arrive at a place where they allow themselves the life they want it is not a guarantee. The secret is that they allow themselves the life they want and it is not about what they forced themselves to do.
On the other hand when someone focuses on a passionate endeavor and finds a way to make the journey fun then every day is a gift and every desire manifested easily. It may at times look like hard work but when you are playing at life there is nothing that is hard.
When you play at life there is no failure only fun and joy and learning by experience.
When you play at life everyone in the game is your friends and enjoyed even if you are on the opposite team…lol
When you play at life the score is really temporary and means nothing.
When you play at life you are not afraid to fall on your ass and get up laughing and try again.
When you play at life you are smiling and laughing a lot.
When you play at life you can pretend to be anything anytime anywhere….
but your truth is always in your knowing and that is you are unlimited, worthy, magnificent and brilliantly unique…and what you came to do here is supposed to be exactly as easy as you decide it will be…personally I am choosing easy and fun and epic…what are you choosing?



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